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El fath For Mining & Investment


للتعدين و الاستثمار

EL Fath For Mining its a Egyptian Company engaged in multiple areas, including the mining sector, have been adopted in this sector on the extraction of raw materials, classification and statement quality according to international standards and the latest techniques, and the company has a working group has expertise in the fields of geology, mining, specializing in geology.

And studies soil and acts of punching and mining Business plans and technical assistance to the mining and quarrying work and provide all the services of the bombing in addition to treatment, grinding and focus according to international standards.

Has focused on management of the mining company since its inception in 2008 to work and prospecting on many raw materials and study many websites mining in various parts of Egypt, especially the Red Sea and Central and South Sinai and Aswan, focused company Open Mining is the extraction and extraction and supply of phosphate ores and silica sand, limestone, feldspar and quartz.